Part I: Introduction

Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on Coreto?

Andrei Balaianu: Hello, I am Andrei Balaianu, Head of Development @Coreto. I have over 9 years of experience as a full-stack developer, architect, and leader. I have worked on projects of all shapes and sizes, including large-scale enterprise platforms and now I am bringing all that experience in building one of the most unique projects in the crypto space — Coreto.

Vlad Faraon: I am Vlad Faraon, Cofounder of I spent my last 14 years in the corporate world, working…

Farming Collaboration with GalaxyFarm 2

We are pleased to announce that will be collaborating with GalaxyFarm-2, a new staking product developed by Router Protocol to enable liquidity providers of to farm multiple tokens in the GalaxyFarm — 2 pool. GalaxyFarm-1 has had a very successful launch, with more than $2.5Mln TVL reached in just a few hours of the launch.

Yield farming has taken over the crypto industry by storm, becoming one of the most popular ways to earn returns on crypto investments in 2020. However, the huge rise in popularity of yield farming led to the creation of numerous farming protocols, each…

Coreto partners with Polygon (Matic network)
Coreto partners with Polygon (Matic network)

As we move forward and get closer to our Alpha launch, we’re making sure that all the conditions are met so that the final result is the one we set out.‏

‎‏Among algorithms and whitelists, at this point, we are focusing on partnerships that can benefit our community. We listened to your requests and recommendations, and we did our own research as well. ‏While looking for a partnership that not only completes our vision, but it takes it to the next level, our next move was the most simple and logical one.‏

‏Without further ado, we’re excited to finally announce…


Hello everyone,

As we’re getting closer to the ALPHA launch, we’re focused and excited beyond words.

The whole team is working at full throttle and is doing a great job. The due date is at the beginning of April, which is why we’re raising the game by taking some marketing actions, besides the new staking pool that was recently successfully filled.

None of these would have happened without the continuous support of our community.

And since the Alpha launch is right around the corner, we’d like to reinforce our platform’s main features that we think would be helpful at this…

Dear Coreto Community,

We can not be more excited about how our community is growing, new “Coretians” joining us every day! This couldn’t have happened without the support of each and every one of you!

As our numbers grow, the time to add a new Staking Pool to our Reward Program has come.

How does it work?

We’ll make a large pool of staking rewards available to COR holders while also giving them loose staking terms. We’re setting aside 5,9 million COR tokens in rewards for the participants in this new staking pool.

You’ll gradually accumulate the rewards over the…

This article will serve as a guide for those wanting to learn how to add liquidity to the COR-ETH pool on Uniswap and subsequently become eligible to participate in the upcoming liquidity staking program.


  • ETH wallet (preferably Metamask)
  • Both ETH and COR tokens, in equal $ value
  • Access to Uniswap

Steps to adding liquidity

To start, you will need ETH and COR in your Metamask wallet and some extra ETH for the gas fees ( 0.01 to 0.1 depending on network congestion). As for COR token, you can get it by directly purchasing on Uniswap here:

Step 1 — Access Uniswap’s liquidity section

Dear Coreto Community,

We could not be more excited and grateful for the success of our initial Staking Reward program, where all of the three pools closed successfully in record time.

To answer the community’s needs and in expectation of our Alpha release in Q1 2021, we’re adding two additional staking pools:
- One Traditional Staking Pool — 180 days, 48% APR
- One Liquidity Staking Pool — 60 days, 110% APY

To keep the process moving, we prepared this helpful guide to understand the benefits of each new Pool and how they will work.

Traditional Staking Pool — Stellar Supporter II

Dear Coreto Community,

In preparation for the opening of our Staking Reward Program today, we offer this guide to help you through the staking process.

If there any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask an admin on our Telegram channel.

Let’s Grow together and happy staking!

Staking Steps:

  1. Download and install the Ethereum based web wallet MetaMask;
  2. Add COR as a Custom Token to your MetaMask.
    Token Contract address:
    Decimals: 18
    Ticker/Symbol: COR
  3. Deposit a minimum of 100,000 COR into your MetaMask (plus enough ETH to pay gas fees);
  4. Go to our staking website;
  5. Select the…

Staking cryptocurrency becomes more popular among DeFi crypto users. If you stake, you keep your coins locked in a wallet for a certain period of time, giving you an easy way to receive a fixed interest at the end of the staking period. But more often than not, most staking terms are severely inflexible and limit the control that token holders have over their assets.

We are excited to share with you the details about the recently announced staking program and how it differs from the current staking initiatives.

As one of our DeFi features, we will start the Staking…

It seems like everyone forgot about cryptocurrencies, and most people would say that this industry is a thing of the past. If this is the first time you read these words and you will check the current market value, you will surely give us the credits. The value of the core block of the blockchain reached a record figure a little over a week ago. Bitcoin value dropped to $5.390.12 reaching the lowest threshold in 2018. Another indicator of involution is that with Bitcoin`s devaluation, the crypto market fell to 180 billion dollars from 210 billion in one day.


Vlad Faraon

Constantly “feeding my hunger” for doing good and help others reach a better version of themselves. Co-Founder & CBO @Coretoio

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